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Royal Bird's Nest Sdn Bhd Explore full potential of EBN Extract with Malaysian Natural Products as the Unique Health Supplement for you and family.



EBN Tongkat Ali + Cordyceps + Bird’s Nest Extract


  • Tongkat Ali is a wild herbs with high medicinal values, it is grown in Malaysia and Indonesia's forests, it regulates the physiological functions.
  • Cordyceps sinensis is sweet and warm, contains high nutritional value. Its ingredients include cordyceps acid, vitamin B12, and carbohydrates.
  • Bird's nest contains glycoprotein for health and vitality.


Main functions

  • Enhances physical strength and eliminates fatigue, more energetic




EBN Kacip Fatimah + Cordyceps + Bird’s Nest Extract


  • Kacip Fatimah has been a beneficial herbs for generations, commonly found in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia. It is medicine for beauty, enhance the vitality and maintain youthfulness. Kacip Fatimah is dedicated for women's health care and personal care with high benefits.
  • Bird’s Nest is the secret to maintain beautiful appearance, making the skin soft and smooth.


Main functions

  • Maintains the health and vitality




EBN Cordyceps + Bird’s Nest Extract


  • Cordyceps is not winter "bug" and summer "grass", but it is actually a kind of fungus – Cordyceps fungus ergot. Modern science has discovered more and more benefits of Cordyceps on the function of various human organs. It balances and regulates the yin and yang at the same time. Cordyceps can reduce fatigue and improve the body strength.
  • Bird’s Nest is sweet in nature, nourishing and conditioning at the same time. After taking bird’s nest, the skin becomes smooth and healthy, more energetic, and increases physical fitness.


Main functions

  • Regulates and strengthens health
  • Prevents cell damage caused by free radicals, provides sufficient nutrients to the damaged cells
  • Effectively nourishes the body cells, replenishes nutrients to the body, faster recovery


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