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Royal Bird's Nest Sdn Bhd Explore full potential of EBN Extract with Malaysian Natural Products as the Unique Health Supplement for you and family.
EBN Extract Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a kind of perennial crops found in Malaysia and Indonesia forest. Its botanical name is Eurycoma longifolia. Tongkat Ali is wellknown for its sexual enhancement effects. Traditionally, Tongkat Ali is used to treat common diseases like diabetes, hypertension, gout, prostate enlargement and sexual dysfunction. Researches also found that Tongkat Ali provides good result for AIDS and cancer treatment. It also promotes health such as dizziness, ringworm, dysentery, swelling, inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Study showed that the phytochemical in the root of Tongkat Ali increases Testosteron level (hormon for male sexual functions). Through technology and scientific researches, Tongkat Ali is made into Exstract combine with Bird’s Nest extract in capsule form to provide double health benefits. Bird’s Nest contains glycoprotein that promotes healthy cells, regulates immune system, enhances blood circulation, promotes tissue and epidermis growth.


According to Chinese medical reference “The Bird’s Nest Study”, bird’s nest maintains gastrointestinal health, protects the lungs, enhances the production of blood and cellular fluid, moistures the tissue, enhances stamina and male sexual functions, relieves cough, eliminates phlegm and others.”. By combining both the Tongkat Ali extract and Bird’s Nest extract, EBN Extract Tongkat Ali provides balancing, regulating, recovery and energy enhancing benefits, especially for the male.


EBN Extract Kacip Fatimah

EBN Extract Kacip Fatimah contains the plant of the National Treasure of Malaysia – Kacip Fatimah. Kacip Fatimah is common Malay herb found in tropical forest of Malaysia. It is named Kacip Fatimah due to the amazing effect for the ladies, especially improving the physical, stamina and taking good care of woman health. Kacip Fatimah is also used commonly to treat white discharge, diarrhea, bloating and etc. In Malaysia, Kacip Fatimah has been practiced for centuries by Malay ladies for bust enhancement, beauty, stamina, youth maintenance and prolong life. For Malay ladies, taking Kacip Fatimah for long term promotes beautiful body measurement, smooth and fine skin, charm and fascination of a lady. EBN Extract Kacip Fatimah provides more benefits by combining Kacip Fatimah extract and Bird’s Nest extract to enhance vitality, maintain youth, stamina, promotes metabolism. It also improves better health condition after delivery, loose uterus, bloating, irregular menstruation and etc.


Chinese and Modern medical practitioners also agreed that bird’s nest promotes metabolism and enhancing body functions. Bird’s Nest contains glycoprotein that promotes beautiful and firm skin, improves face texture, firmer body conditions, better stamina, tightens loosen uterus and etc.


EBN Extract Ginseng

Ginseng (botanic name: Panax ginseng) is a kind of root which could be used as medicine. Ginseng is found in East Asia especially in cold countries. Ginseng is a common medicine in Asia and normally used for recovery, to enhance energy level, regulates hormone, reduces blood sugar and blood pressure and improves liver functions. The root of Ginseng contains ginsenosides as its active ingredient, besides polysaccharides. Ginseng polysaccharides provides regulation effect for our immune system, anti-cancer, anti-ulcer, reduces blood sugar and etc. Bird’s Nest is moderate and suitable for all age and those with weak condition.


According to the medical reference “Facts about Herbs”, Bird’s Nest strengthens the lungs, kidney, stomach without causing heat, moistens without loss of nutrients, and it is a moderate and delicious medicine. By taking Bird’s Nest as supplement could nourish the kidney and enhance the energy level and stamina.


EBN Extract Cordyceps

Bird’s Nest is peaceful nature’s herbs while Cordyceps precious traditional Chinese medicine. According to medical reference “The New Herbs”: “Cordyceps protects the lung functions, strengthens the kidney functions, eliminates phlegm and relieves cough.” Chinese medical practitioners found that Cordyceps harmonizes the lung meridian and kidney meridian in order to strengthen the lung and kidney functions. Bird’s Nest treats weak kidney, erectile dysfunction, back pain, weak body conditions, chronic cough, phlegm and a kind of herbs that could balancing and harmonizing the yin and the yang at the same time.


Scientific research has proven the amazing results of Cordyceps. In short, Cordyceps is not only harmonizing the overall functions of all organs but also showed effect of disease-resistance directly. The most well known effect of Cordyceps is the immune enhancing effect. Cordyceps increasees the immune cells, stimulates the production of antibodies and macrophages. Cordyceps also fights tumor directly. It inhibits and kills cancer cells. The cancer-fighting ingredient of Cordyceps is namely cordycepin. Cordyceps also enhances the resistance to cold, relieves fatigue, enhances resistance to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) for the heart. By all the functions provided by Cordyceps, it is honored as the “Miracle Herb” for thousands of years.


For modern society, taking Cordyceps is not only for health maintenance but also to enhance the quality of lifestyle. Combining Bird’s Nest Extract and Cordyceps Extract is an effort of Royal Bird’s Nest to enhance the medicinal value of traditional Chinese medicine and the modern development of science and technology.

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