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Royal Bird’s Nest 4 in 1 White Coffee

Grinded with the best quality coffee beans & processed by highest technology by the international class manufacturer. Royal Bird's Nest 4 in 1 Bird's Nest White Coffee provides you the best of coffee & the best of Bird's Nest Essence in one sachet! Enjoy the benefits of Bird's Nest Essence while having the aroma & great taste of coffee. Coffee is rich in antioxidant while providing mind stimulation effect.


Royal Bird’s Nest 4 in 1 Sucralose White Coffee

Authentic bird’s nest coffee, now with the all-new goodness of Sucralose

Enjoy your favourite Bird’s Nest White Coffee with a newly added no-calorie sweetener, Sucralose! The perfect way to maintain the same great taste you love, without compromising on your calorie count and health.


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