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Royal Bird’s Nest Edible Bird’s Nest Essence Drink

Enjoy the benefits of Premium Grade Bird’s Nest without spending your precious time to clean, wash & double-boiled. Specially design for busy lifestyle modern citizens.Convenience, fast, easy to be consumed.


Added with rock sugar for better taste. Suitable for all age & the whole family to enjoy Healthy & Beautiful Lifestyle.
















Royal Bird’s Nest Premium Grade EBN CUP

Royal Bird's Nest EBN Cup is produced from the highest quality of Edible Bird's Nest. It all starts from our unique Bird's House. Our parent company Swiftlet Eco Park Berhad (SEPB) established the first legalized swiftlet sharing farm in Malaysia. We develop 14 Bird's House projects throughout Malaysia.


First of all, our Bird's Houses are built in rural area, far away from township, nearer to the mother nature - Environment Friendly. Then all Bird's Houses are developed according to the Satu Garis Panduan (1GP), equipped with Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) and work closely with local authorities - Legality. We follow strictly the Good Animal Husbandry Practice (GAHP) by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) & the Veterinary Agriculture Service (VATS) - Humanity.


Our bird houses are fully equipped with the highest quality materials, including the unique bird house design, sound system, humidity control, "green" pest control, house keeping, gated & guarded with security guards - Highly Standardization.


With all the above distinguish set up, we produce the highest quality bird's nest. Later the bird's nest is delivered to high tech processing plant. Here we use the latest Nano Bubble Technology to clean the bird's nest – Technology. Without using bleaching agents & preservatives - Safety. Each and every bird's nest is then vacuum-wrapped and coded accordingly to ensure the quality and traceability - Traceability. Every piece of bird's nest is packed in acrylate box (inside) and display within the piano wooden box (outside) - Presentable & Classy. It is then presented as the Gift of Premium Grade.


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